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Our dedicated team of writers are responsible for bringing the best quality shoes to your attention. We spend hours of research and testing before writing our articles so your feet can be pain free no matter what task is at hand (or foot).

We carefully select the top products for each category and aim to offer a wide range of styles for all budgets. We link our articles to Amazon.com because we have found that their range of stock to be far superior to any other online store. We also encourage you to buy from brick and mortar shops if and when good deals can be found.

The team at shoereviewed.com is lead by former professional soccer player Josh Mitchell.

He has many years experience with shoes with his focus being on athletic and sporting shoes. Now retired, Josh is a keen runner who is training for marathon races.

Supporting Josh in the publication of articles is Michael Dougie. After suffering foot problems at an early age, Michael has used the advice from doctors and specialists to help alleviate foot pain. His own personal experiences have shaped his reviews and writing. This insider knowledge will help you make the right decision for a variety of foot related issues.

Our final contributor on the shoereviewed.com team is Susanna Bourke. Su is an avid runner and fitness fanatic. She has tried many sports for fun and continues to push herself in the quest for excitement. She loves camping and the outdoors and rates trail running as her favorite weekend activity.

Our 3 experts have years of experience across a variety of fields related to feet, shoes and exercise. Hours of research and testing go into our reviews and articles. We encourage your comments on all of our pages so please feel free to share your personal favorites and opinions for others.

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