Best Boxing and Wrestling Shoes: Reviewed, Rated & Compared

Best For Boxing
Reebok Men's Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker

Reebok Boxing Boot-Buck

  • Breathable
  • Great for pros
  • Durable outsole
Best For Wrestling
Otomix Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA Boxing Shoe

Otomix Stingray Escape 

  • Ankle support
  • Lightweight sole
  • True to size
Best For Both
ASICS Men's Aggressor 2 Wrestling Shoe

ASICS Aggressor 2

  • Soft and formable
  • Extra grip
  • Adjustable

When you're in the boxing ring, having the right shoes can really give you an edge. We've picked out and reviewed our very best boxing and wrestling shoes. Boxing and wrestling are both sports that require precision, skill and determination. The proper training and equipment are all necessary if you want to win that next match.

That’s why you need to ensure you are using the best shoes for boxing and wrestling on the market. Otherwise, you’re leaving the outcome to chance. Read through our comprehensive reviews on boxing and wrestling shoes to find the style you need to be a winner.

Comparison Table - Shoes for Ring Sports

Product Name
Low/High Top
Colour Options
Amazon Rating
View Product
ASICS Men's Split Second 9 Wrestling Shoe

ASICS Men's Split Second 9​


Red/Silver/Black, Black/White/Silver, Graphite/Silver/Royal

ASICS Men's Aggressor 2 Wrestling Shoe

Asics Men's Aggressor 2


8 Options

ASICS Men's JB Elite V2

ASICS Men's JB Elite V2.0


6 Options

adidas Performance Men's Adizero Wrestling XIV Wrestling Shoes

adidas Performance Adizero XIV


15 Options

Otomix Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA Boxing Shoe

Otomix Stingray Escape


Camo, Red, Black

Title Boxing Title Lo-Top Boxing Shoes

Title Boxing Title Lo-Top


Black, White, Blue, Red

Ringside Diablo Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Boxing Shoes

Ringside Diablo​


Black, Blue, Neon Orange, Neon Green, Red, White, Pink

Ringside Undefeated High Top Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Boxing Shoes

Ringside Undefeated High Top


Black, White

Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top Boxing Shoes

Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top



Reebok Men's Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker

Reebok Men's Boxing Boot-Buck​


Delta-White/Black, Buck-Ironstone/Black, Delta-Black/White, Ironstone

Different Types of Shoes for Ring Sports

When you’re looking for various ring sports shoes, you’ll find that there are numerous styles you could choose from. Here’s what you need to know:

High Top vs Low Top

High Topstare often considered the traditional choice when looking for boxing shoes, but low tops seem to be popular with some people as well. While there’s no clear-cut one style that’s better than another, there are some considerations to keep in mind.

If you know you’re in need of ankle support or you plan on being more competitive, you might want to choose high top boxing shoes. If instead, you plan on participating in mostly sparring, heavy bag workouts or shadow boxing with an occasional fight thrown in, then you might be more comfortable with a low top boxing shoe.

Boxing vs Wrestling Shoes

When you go searching for either boxing or wrestling shoes, you’ll find that they’re both marketed toward the same crowd. That’s because both styles offer a similar appearance for the most part. There are a few differences you’re going to spot. Wrestling shoes tend to have rubber soles that come up the sides of the foot. This provides better support on the mat during any position. The boxing shoe will tend to have a stiffer sole with less tread. This allows for the feet to glide with ease on the canvas.

Because of these differences, wrestling shoes aren’t always the ideal choice when participating in boxing. Even though they aren’t ideal, many people will still use them as boxing shoes on a regular basis. You’ll notice that wrestling shoes are more popular, easier to purchase and often come with a lower price tag. This is why many people give them a try for boxing as well.

Features of High-Quality Boxing/Wrestling Shoes

When you’re in the market for a quality pair of boxing or wrestling shoes, there are several considerations to make the buying process easier.

Sole Material

Boxing shoes will be made from a rubber or leather material. Leather provides more maneuvering capability but provides less traction. Rubber soles are more common, lightweight, and offer better grip.

Upper Material

This is generally a mix of leather, synthetic materials and suede. Most of the highly-rated shoes offer a mix of leather and synthetic nylon. The leather offers support and comfort while the nylon is breathable and lightweight.

Ankle Support

Both boxing and wrestling shoes have laces that run the up the foot. The uppers will then wrap above the ankle. If you want superior ankle support, you need to choose the high top variety.


Boxing shoes fit like a regular athletic shoe. You’ll want to read reviews because many boxing shoes tend to run a little narrow. If you’re a woman, you’ll want to order one to one-half size smaller than a man’s.

Sole Thickness

The thickness of the sole will be up to your preference. The thinner the sole, the more control and grip you can achieve.

Extra Cushioning Near Midsole

If you require more arch support, you’ll want some extra cushioning in the midsole area. This also provides better stability for footwork. If you suffer from any foot ailments like flat feet or plantar fasciitis, this extra support will be critical for your comfort.

Vent Mesh

It’s important for your foot to breathe during boxing and wrestling. To reduce the temperature inside the shoe you need well-ventilated options. This not only keeps your feet dry but helps them air out quicker when you are done wearing them. This is especially important if you live in a warm climate.

Light vs. Heavy

best wrestling shoes

A light shoe is going to offer quicker foot speed. The downside is that you’ll experience less rigidity and support.

Heavy shoes may offer you some additional punching base by locking in your foot and ankle. This leads to more power. It’s truly a personal preference which is best for you.

As a general rule, if you’re a quick fighter who’s focused on defence or counter-punching, you’ll probably want a pair of lighter shoes. If you’re a power puncher that enjoys standing your ground, then opt for a heavier style instead.

11 Best Boxing & Wrestling Shoes on the Market

Here are our picks for the best boxing and wrestling shoes on the market currently. Each offer different features so read more to find which shoe is best suited to your needs.

1. ASICS Men's Split Second 9 Wrestling Shoe

ASICS Men's Split Second 9 Wrestling Shoe

Our Rating

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 Chance of Success

This ASICS wrestling shoe are the best wrestling shoes when you’re on a budget.

They provide excellent grip, lightweight durability, superior stability and vented mesh; which make this a great general MMA shoe.

These shoes aren’t generally recommended for boxing because there’s a little too much grip on the undersole area. If you decide to use them for boxing, they don’t offer good pivot. 

They do provide some additional stability if that’s an issue for you. There are also different styles to choose from to suit your unique personality.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Superior stability
  • Durability
  • Vented mesh


  • Not designed for boxing
  • Don’t offer much pivot ability

2. ASICS Men's Snapdown Wrestling Shoe

ASICS Men's Snapdown Wrestling Shoe

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 Chance of Success

Another great option as the best shoes for wrestling on a budget is the Men’s Snapdown.

It has exceptional mid-level support and a full-length outsole design with specific rear and forefoot traction pods. These offer maximum grip and flexibility when you need it the most.

The upper features a breathable single-layer mesh plus synthetic skin-suede to enhance the breathability and flexibility.

The one issue with these shoes is that they run much smaller than expected. It is very important that you take this into account and read reviews before you buy your own pair, since, according to Frederick Foot & Ankle specialists, wearing the wrong size of shoes can cause several damages to your feet, including:

  • Wrong foot posture
  • Excessive rubbing
  • Formation of open wounds
  • Decreased performance
  • Leg muscle fatigue
  • Increased amount of Injuries 
  • Feet Swelling
  • Faster progression of foot deformities
  • Toe Nails are bruised, thickened, or fall off"

To prevent facing one or more of these problems, just make sure to always get shoes that are truly your size.

Nonetheless, once you choose the right size, this shoe is a great balance between value and performance. They’re also offering quite a number of styles to suit your personal tastes.


  • Mid-level support
  • Full-length outsole
  • Rear and forefoot traction pods
  • Dual-layer breathability and flexibility


  • Runs much smaller
  • A few of the styles are pricey

3. Adidas Wrestling Men's Combat Speed 4 Wrestling Shoe

Adidas Wrestling Men's Combat Speed 4 Wrestling Shoe

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 Chance of Success

This Adidas shoe can be used as the best wrestling and boxing shoe. The company even markets them as appropriate for both sports. 

If you’re a boxer that enjoys an additional grip, because of that suede covering on the outsole, this will be your favorite shoe. It offers less pivotability and works just as well for weightlifting, cross-fit and other activities.

There’s nothing fancy about this shoe, but they’re made of high-quality materials and feature a mesh overlay to keep your feet cool.

They’re also quite lightweight. If you need a lower cost boxing shoe, it makes sense to try this version out. Moreover, they're available in many styles.


  • Can be used for wrestling and boxing
  • Provides additional grip
  • Low cost
  • Many styles available


  • Offers less pivot ability
  • Basic model; nothing high-tech

4. Asics Men's Aggressor 2 Wrestling Shoe

ASICS Men's Aggressor 2 Wrestling Shoe

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 Chance of Success

The Aggressor 2 is one of the best looking wrestling shoes on the market. It isn’t just a great choice for your wrestling match but also a viable candidate to use in boxing as well.

The upper sole is constructed from Ecsaine which is soft and formable. They also provide some extra comfort features like a padded tongue and collar.

The Aggressor is snug and form-fitting mainly due to the adjustable Velcro ankle strap. This shoe is a great option for those wrestlers and boxers who have weak ankles because as the specialists from New York Foot Health state, you can prevent ankles sprains by wearing the appropriate shoes:

Make sure your shoes provide good ankles support. Replace athletic and running shoes annually or every 300-400 miles, whichever comes first. If you have chronic weak ankles, you may want to look for high-top styles that lace up firmly around the ankle".

In addition, the rubber sole curves up the outer sole to provide for an extra grip. There are also a lot of colors available to choose from; anything from basic to vibrant and bold.


  • Can be used for both boxing and wrestling
  • Made from Ecsaine which is soft and formable
  • Outsole allows extra grip
  • Snug fit due to the adjustable Velcro ankle strap


  • More expensive than other shoes
  • Can fit a little small

5. ASICS Men's JB Elite V2.0 Wrestling Shoe

ASICS Men's JB Elite V2

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 Chance of Success

These wrestling shoes are also the best shoes for boxing. They’re actually the signature shoe of Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs.

The V2.0 is an updated version of the original JB Elite. It offers a breathable, synthetic mesh and suede upper with a split sole design.

They help you to pivot and deliver your punches at amazing speed and power. They’re featherweight at just 6.8 ounces and are comfortable enough for boxing, wrestling or jumping rope.

There are a variety of styles to choose from; something to remain basic and others for intense boldness.


  • Can be used for both sports
  • Breathable
  • Split sole design
  • Only 6.8 pounds


  • Can run small
  • Not meant for wide feet

6. Adidas Performance Men's Adizero Wrestling XIV Wrestling Shoes

adidas Performance Men's Adizero Wrestling XIV Wrestling Shoes

Our Rating

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 Chance of Success

Sometimes you just want the best lightweight wrestling shoe. That’s where the Adizero comes in. They’re part of the minimalist family and also work great as a lightweight boxing shoe.

The minimal rubber sole is a tad flatter than the curved models available. Plus, it features both rubber and suede inserts and provides excellent grip. It's also constructed with breathable mesh so your feet will stay cool while training or competing.

There are some great styles to choose from but prices can vary pretty significantly. While there are some styles that are low-cost, many of them are quite expensive.

In addition, they aren’t usually comfortable for people that have wider feet, but sizing seems to be pretty close to dead-on. However, you can also try to tie the laces differently. This surprisingly can make a huge difference in how tight the shoes feel. Dr. Denise Bonnin from PodiatryToday suggests:

Although the type of shoe a patient chooses can greatly affect his or her comfort, another important factor is how the laces are tied. Most shoes come pre-laced in “zigzag” form but there is an art and benefit to tying them according to your patient’s needs. (If) the patient’s shoes feel too tight (...), assuming that a different shoe size is not the best solution, consider parallel lacing to loosen up the fit".

Always try this when shoes feel too tight. It may signify a remarkable difference.


  • Lightweight
  • Minimalist shoe
  • Features rubber and suede inserts
  • Lots of styles


  • Not for narrow feet
  • Can be pricey

7. Otomix Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA Boxing Shoe

Otomix Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA Boxing Shoe

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 Chance of Success

The Stingray Escape offers the best MMA boxing shoe on the market currently. It’s a multi-purpose shoe from a company known for martial arts gear.

They’re made from leather and polyester plus feature a thin, lightweight rubber sole. They’re extremely comfortable and come in many amazing colors.

The laces run two holes up above the ankle so you can achieve a snug fit and superior ankle support.

In addition, you have free mobility at all times. You'll also feel comfortable in them and won't have to worry about the size since they're normally true to it. Keep in mind that you’re going to pay more to have this level of quality.


  • Multi-purpose shoe
  • Thin, lightweight rubber sole
  • Additional ankle support
  • True to size


  • Pricey
  • Quality of shoelaces is subpar

8. Ringside Diablo Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Boxing Shoes

Ringside Diablo Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Boxing Shoes

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 Chance of Success

Here’s a budget choice for you if you want the best budget MMA shoe.

They’re contemporary in style and feature a patent leather vinyl finish. The lo-top ankle provides for easy movement and ankle support.

They’re made from a breathable nylon mesh pattern and also feature a non-slip rubber sole. Breathability actually adds a lot more of stability than you probably think, and according to the Ringside official blog, here is why:

The upper portion of the shoe should be a mix of leather, suede, and synthetic materials. Make sure to look for breathable nylon “windows” within the shoe that will help your feet breathe a bit. This can help prevent your feet from sweating and reduce the chances of your feet slipping within the shoe".

In  other words: if you sweat too much, you may slip and hurt yourself. Breathable shoes are important to keep you safe.

There are several vibrant color choices you can pick from. Keep in mind that you can’t order half sizes, but they’re available in small sizes where many other shoes aren’t.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Several vibrant colors available
  • Breathable and stable
  • Good ankle support


  • Only available in whole sizes
  • Fit can be snug

9. Ringside Undefeated High Top Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Boxing Shoes

Ringside Undefeated High Top Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Boxing Shoes

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 Chance of Success

This traditional high top option is the best boxing boot when you need maximum ankle support.

They are comfortable, breathable and lightweight but are really only meant to be worn while boxing. The rubber soles glide easily around the canvas.

They’re only available in white or black plus made from patent leather and vinyl. They look sharp when you lace them up, but again, only come in full sizes.

You’ll want to keep that in mind when you’re figuring in your socks and supports that you wear inside the boots.


  • Maximum ankle support
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Glide easily


  • Meant just for boxing
  • They run bigger than they should
  • Only in full sizes

10. Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top Boxing Shoes

Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top Boxing Shoes

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Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

This Cleto Reyes Leather shoe is a high top alternative to Adidas and is one of my picks for the best boxing shoe since it is designed specifically for that purpose.

They’re all black and made of suede and genuine leather. They’re both comfortable and durable plus offer a snug fit through the calf with laces all the way to the top.

There’s a side zipper that runs halfway down the shoe. That makes it easier to slip them on and just zip them up. Moreover, they're pretty lightweight and the non-skid rubber sole is helpful in reducing impact.

They also don’t come in half sizes which can be a little of a pain, but most people found success by ordering a size down. If you’re using insoles, you might want to order up instead.

Don't hesitate about the quality of these shoes. Cleto Reyes is one of the top brands when it comes to boxing gear. These shoes are "designed with the finest craftsmanship and highest quality material, handmade from Mexico" and "manufactured under the strictest quality conditions in leather and all materials". Constructed in one of the top-level countries of boxing and with the highest standards, you will discover that every dollar is worth the expense.


  • Durable
  • Snug fit through the calf
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Side zipper


  • Only in black
  • No half sizes

11. Reebok Men's Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker

Reebok Men's Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker

Our Rating

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

This Reebok boot is one of the best Reebox boxing boots I’ve seen yet. It’s meant for medium to advanced boxers and the upper is made from a breathable fabric and synthetic nubuck.

The strap joins the shoe with your ankle and foot giving you more confidence in your footwork. 

The soles are made for boxing and formed with non-marking rubber. They offer wide, flat sides for a more stable stance and are built with durability and traction in mind, while the midsoles are cushioned and comfy.

There are several styles to choose from but they can tend to get a little pricey.


  • Meant for advanced users
  • Breathable
  • Durable, non-marking outsole
  • Strap joins the shoe to your ankle and foot


  • Pricey
  • The sizing is tricky

Best Brands

While there are many brands available, there are three in particular that I think are the favorites.


Nike tends to offer some of the best fits. They’re also comfortable, durable, available in a variety of styles, and offer superior performance. They seem to be the most popular boxing shoe brand.

You can find a pair of Nike boxing shoes in almost any price range, style or height. That means no matter what your personal preferences are, you should be able to find a pair that suits your needs. Some of the most popular lines are SpeedSweep and HyperKO.



If you aren’t going to choose Nike, you might want to consider Adidas instead. They seem to be more popular in Europe but still have quite a following in the States. You’ll probably notice many people wearing the brand at your local gym.

Their most popular style is the Champ Speed III which is available in a medium or high top. They also offer styles such as Combat Speed IV and Box Hog Boxing Boots. You’ll take notice that Adidas features some budget-friendly options which are nice if you just need a pair for recreational purposes.


While not as well-known, Rival is a brand worth considering. They’re built like the Nike and Adidas plus mold to your feet much in the same way. Rival offers several styles that are breathable and worth investing in.

Their most popular styles seem to be the Guerrero Boxing Boots which are a low top and the RSX Boxing Boots which is a high top option. The brand does seem a little pricey considering that they aren’t as recognized, but the customers that use them swear by the quality.


Benefits of Wearing Boxing Shoes

It can be tempting to skip investing in a pair of boxing shoes and wearing regular sneakers instead, but that’s a mistake. There are several reasons that it’s important to wear boxing shoes.

First, they weigh less than many other athletic shoes to keep you light on your feet. This is important to change direction and stances frequently. Wearing boxing shoes tends to feel like you’re barefoot. They also feature a thin, rubber sole that helps to maintain traction without sticking you to the ground.

There are also numerous support options in boxing shoes. You can choose high-top, low-top or mid-top varieties. The high-top options are going to provide more support to your lower shin and ankle but the low-top shoes allow for greater mobility.

In addition, boxing shoes allow the sweat to evaporate from your feet. Obviously, you won’t want to wear them outside because water will enter as easily as it leaves, but when used properly, they leave your feet feeling cooler and drier.

Benefits of Wearing Wrestling Shoes

The right pair of wrestling shoes offers a great advantage to your game. They’re engineered to allow for movements such as pinks, take-downs and holds all while improving your foot traction. They also increase flexibility and balance plus offer superior ankle support.

Wrestling shoes feature a slightly elevated arch in comparison to other athletic footwear. By angling your foot forward slightly, the shoe allows you the ability to generate explosive speed. This is possible whether you’re starting in a stationary position at the beginning of the match or trying to get up off the ground.

Wrestling shoes are also designed to let your feet breathe in a way that other athletic shoes don’t. This is important for keeping the odor and moisture under control. It’s also critical to help air out the shoes when you aren’t wearing them.

Price Guide

Prices on wrestling shoes can vary greatly, normally anywhere from $30 to $150. The shoes designed for youth are generally going to be cheaper than adult versions. You could also pay more if you’re in need of a larger size.

Prices aren’t directly related to quality. For example, you can normally purchase last year’s model at a lower price, but it might be a better fit for you than the new versions.

  • Beginner wrestling shoes tend to be in the $30 to $60 range.
  • Mid-range wrestling shoes tend to be in the $60 to $80 range.
  • Higher-quality wrestling shoes tend to be in the $90 to $150 range.

We recommend that beginners should choose a shoe in the lower, $30 to $70 range. An intermediate wrestler will probably want a model that’s specialized and somewhat more durable so these will be in the $70 to $140 range.

Other Ways to Protect Your Feet in the Ring

best shoe for boxing

Injuries are a normal part of any sport. Your feet are one part of the body that tend to get hurt no matter what activity you participate in, so it’s important to take necessary precautions.

One of the most common complaints is often a skin infection known as ringworm. This fungal infection appears as a red, scaly ring with a clear center. It’s highly contagious and can develop on the foot as athlete’s foot. To protect yourself, wear shoes at all times and also wear shower shoes in the locker room.

Wrestling and boxing shoes are made to protect your feet. They’re light and flexible but allow for enough traction and support while on the mat. Make sure that you wear shoes that are properly fitted to your feet and keep them securely tied at all times.

Finally, make sure you warm up and stretch before any match. Take time to do some jumping jacks or run in place. This will warm up the muscles throughout the body so you can avoid injury. Do muscle group exercises that will get the blood flowing to each area of the body. Also be sure to stretch once the practice or the match has ended.


Whether you’re preparing to box or wrestle, having the appropriate gear is essential to being the best you can. Research your options carefully and pick the shoe that’s best designed for your needs. Then, you’ll be able to go and wow the crowd with powerful performance and agility.

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