16 Best Shoes For Standing All Day: Reviews, Ratings & Comparisons

Best For Women
New Balance Women's Wl501

New Balance WL501

  • Suede
  • Very Comfortable
  • Black & Pink Available
Best For Men
Skechers For Work Men's Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed Fit Work Shoe

Sketchers Felton

  • Synthetic
  • 1.25 Inch Heel
  • Padded Tongue
Best Slip On
Skechers For Work Women's Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe

Sketchers Sure Track

  • Value for Money
  • Leather
  • Slip-Resistant

If you spend all day on your feet, you need to make sure you’re wearing the right kind of shoes. This complete guide to buying the right shoes for work goes through the top brands, types of shoes available and general buying guide. There are also top lists for both men and women with shoes that you can wear all day long. 

If you’re reading this article, it’s very likely that you have a job that involves being on your feet all day. Whether you work in hospitality, retail, a hospital or do anything else that requires standing or running around all day, I’ve found the perfect shoes for you.

It might not seem like that big of an issue, but the shoes you wear, especially if you’re on your feet for long periods of time, can really affect your physical health. Backache, joint problems and, of course, tired and sore feet, are just some of the many issues that can develop if you’re not wearing the right kind of shoes.

I’ve come up with a handy buying guide to help you figure out what kind of shoes are right for you. This guide is complete with the different types of shoes available to wear for a day of standing or running around, along with our favorite brands and general guidance to buying shoes for work.

Shoe Comparison Table

Product Name
Type of Shoe
Colour Options
 Amazon Rating
View Product
New Balance Women's Wl501

New Balance Women's Wl501


Gem, Jewel, Black

Skechers For Work Women's Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe

Skechers Women's Sure Track ​


Black or White

KEEN Utility Women's Flint Low Work Shoe

KEEN Utility Women's Flint Low ​

Steel-Toe Boot

Drizzle/Surf Spray, Magnet/Rose, Mineral Blue/Ceylon Yellow 

Crocs Women's Mercy Work Clog

Crocs Women's Mercy Work Clog


Black, Black/Gold, Black/Silver, White

Skechers For Work Men's Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed Fit Work Shoe

Skechers for Work Men's Felton Shoe

Casual Shoe

Black or White

Skechers For Work Men's Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant Shoe

Skechers Men's Cottonwood ​

Smart Shoe


Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss 6'' Steel-Toe Boot

Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss

Steel-Toe Boot

Wheat, Black, Brown

iLoveSIA Men's Sport Casual Walking Running Lace Up Sneakers Shoe

iLoveSIA Men's Casual ​


Blue/Black, Grey/Black, White/Black, Dark Blue, Black

Skechers For Work Men's Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On

Skechers Men's Flex Advantage ​



Types of Shoes Made For Standing Long Periods

As we all know, there are so many types of shoes out there, which can make choosing the right ones tricky. When it comes to standing on your feet all day, however, there are certain types of shoe to be looking out for. They all offer support in different ways, so read on to find out which type of shoe best fits your lifestyle.


I know, I know – flat shoes instantly remind you of your time at school in clumpy, Velcro monstrosities. Not anymore. There are so many styles of flat shoes out there now, and it’s super easy to find shoes appropriate for pretty much any workplace. 

Typically, flat shoes don’t provide much support and are often poorly designed, to the extent that you’re essentially walking barefoot. However, I’ve found some great options that actively support and look after your feet. Some flat shoes can be great for wearing for long periods of time, but make sure they cushion the sole of the shoe while supporting the ankle, too.

Other than those below, I’d suggest checking with a sales assistant that any flat shoes you’re interested in will provide enough support and cushioning, or you’ll end up doing more harm than good to your feet!


Slip-ons can be a great option for work shoes, especially if you’re anything like me and are always running late! Many brands of Slip-ons have had a bit of a revival in terms of style as well as practicality.

I’d opt for something leather, personally, as this material has a lot of ‘give’ to it so you can move around without worrying about being strapped in too tightly. Slip-ons are very comfortable, too, so should give your feet a nice break from whatever they’re currently encased in. The soles of this type of shoe tend to have extra cushioning added, too, so your whole foot will be wrapped in comfort - potentially the best shoes for standing all day. 

Make sure you opt for something that will offer ankle support. Some slip-ons also feature a special cushioning that absorbs shocks and helps you stay active without getting any kind of muscle pain or cramp. 


Boots, provided your workplace is happy with them, are a great choice when it comes to working long daysSolid boots offer extra ankle support coupled with sturdy soles – perfect for those seemingly-endless shifts.

This type of shoe is great for wearing for long periods of time – sturdy, practical and comfortable. Look for something that will actively support the ankle as well as preventing calf pain or cramping and you’ll be ready for a day of being on your feet.

Boots don’t have to be clumpy to be practical, so don’t start stressing about steel toe-caps and five thousand laces! These days, it’s very easy to find stylish, comfortable boots that won’t add an extra five stone to your weight…


Although most trainers are designed for running, they make a great alternative to work shoes. There are plenty of styles of trainers out there, so it should be pretty easy to find a sensible, work-appropriate pair that will also offer support to your feet.

Trainers are ideal for work as they’re built to look after your feet while you move. Running shoes offer ankle support as well as a snug, comfortable fit to keep your feet in good shape. Most trainers also feature shock-absorbing soles, so the rest of your body will be protected, too. 

So many people who spend their days on their feet tend to opt for easy, ‘comfy’ shoes. Half the time, these feature no real soles, so you essentially end up walking around barefoot. This can lead to joint and back problems, as the rest of your body suffers from no real protection from the floor or ground. 

Trainers are a great choice when it comes to long days at work, and really help protect your feet as well as your legs, hips and back – the best shoes for standing all day in my opinion. After all, work can feel more like a work-out most of the time!

What To Look For In A Good Pair of Long Standing Shoes?

good shoes for standing

This is just a brief section touching upon a few things to consider when buying shoes for work. Think about what kind of material you want to go for. Real leather is always going to be high up on my list, as it tends to mould to your foot and move with you.

This is a great option for most workplaces, but make sure it’s waterproof if you think you’re at risk from any major spillages or splashing, or work outdoors.

A small heel can be a great addition to work shoes, as it helps your body stay in the right, vertical position to ease any pressure or pain on your joints. Flat shoes can often lead to hip and back problems, so a little bit of elevation can really go a long way.

Slip-resistant soles are something that I’m always keeping an eye out for. I like soles with plenty of traction, because I know how clumsy I am in general, let alone behind a wet bar – it’s like accidentally joining the world’s least fun slip ‘n’ slide!

For me, I like to feel comfortable all the time, especially during those long, 18 hour shifts where all of your body seems to suffer. I tend to opt for padded collars, squishy tongues and memory foam soles where possible. These little features help keep my feet feeling cushioned and supported – like a sofa for your toes.

"As you’ll come to see, I care about the way my work shoes look."
mens and womens shoes for standing

In normal life, I wear battered old sneakers, but I like to look professional and, hopefully, a little bit stylish at work. That said, comfort and practicality really do have to come first when you’re spending the majority of your life walking and standing around.

I’ve tried to wear ‘fashion’ shoes to work and it just never ends well. They end up soaking wet, falling apart and my feet feel as though I’ve walked barefoot through gravel. Not ideal when you still have to smile at customers for another 12 hours!

I’ve done my best to find a variety of shoes that all have great features – whether that be the way they look, the support they offer, the unique technology that makes them stand out among all the other shoes on the market, or the sheer practicality of them. Hopefully, there’s something that catches your eye…

16 Best Shoes for Standing All Day Reviewed

The best 16 shoes for standing on your feet all day have been reviewed below. Options for women, followed by models for men with a variety of styles for all needs.

1. New Balance Women's Wl501

New Balance Women's Wl501

Our Rating

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

These 100% suede and mesh shoes are both fashionable and comfortable, with a rubber sole that helps to smooth the step. The faux leather on the tongue and heel adds to the breathability and comfort of these shoes. In addition, this gives the Wl501 more style than a regular synthetic shoe.

Its medium range price goes in line with the quality of the product - which has a very good rating. It is available in three different colors (Gem, Jewel and Black), allowing aesthetic flexibility to potential buyers. Moreover, the users confirm that the provided size is the actual one - so you will not have to worry about fitting in them.

In general, the customers are happy and satisfied with their purchase.

These running shoes were always going to be high up on my list, but they’ve made first place thanks to the crazy level of comfort they offer! These New Balance trainers are made from a blend of leather and suede, so move with your feet and offer plenty of flexibility. They’re built to offer support around your ankle, as well as protecting the soles of your feet from standing and walking all day.

New Balance always know how to reel me in. These are super comfy, stylish shoes that come in around mid-range in terms of my budget. My favorite thing about these shoes is that lovely, bouncy sole they’ve added, which will support your feet all day and keep a spring in your step – for me, the best shoes for standing all day for women.

Pretty much any job! Having worked in hospitality for years, I can confirm that New Balance trainers are the ultimate shoes when it comes to being on your feet for long periods of time. These are neutral-colored so you should be able to wear them in most workplaces, although it’s always best to check first before splashing out!

Dr Scott Rubenstien - a respected podiatrist in New York, states that:

Any discomfort in the heel can severely impact a patients mobility making it difficult to perform normal daily tasks".

We believe that this new balance model will reduce foot pain for any women undertaking normal daily tasks and help increase comfort levels.


  • Can go with many different outfits.
  • Nice, comfortable sole with extra bounce.
  • Good value for money.
  • Great durability.


  • Not great for walking on wet surfaces.
  • Sturdy ankle support.

2. Skechers for Work Women's Sure Track Shoe

Skechers For Work Women's Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe

Our Rating

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

Let’s be honest – these are not the most beautiful shoes anyone has ever seen, but these little slip-ons will be your new favorites after a day wrapped in comfort, trust me. These shoes are made from leather so have plenty of ‘give’ and also feature a handy non-slip tread. They also have shock-absorbing qualities, which means that your body won’t feel the impact of standing and walking as much as with most other shoes.

These genuine leather shoes with synthetic sole have a heel of approximately 1 inch which adds comfort and eases the step. Besides, they are compliant to the EH Safe and ASTM F2412-05 standards. Their price is also fair enough, considering the quality they offer - and they're available in both black and white, so they're great for different types of jobs and uniforms.

The non-slip sole has to be pretty high up on my list when it comes to my favorite things about these shoes. This is a feature that is highly-underrated, and once you spend a day not having to worry about staying vertical, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Anything that helps you stay upright is going to be a positive for me!

Hospitality! If you’ve ever worked in a bar or restaurant before, you’ll understand the sheer terror that comes when you’re innocently walking in a kitchen or cellar before suddenly slipping and sliding your way to an unintentional splits position.

The floor is somehow always wet and slippery, so it can be a minefield just walking ten metres to pick up a glass. Non-slip treads make bar work so much less stressful! If you work in a hospital, these are also a great option for you. You can move as quickly as you need to without worrying about slipping over, making them the best shoes for standing all day.

Dr. Robert Bell, surgeon at Orthopedic Associates in Missouri, states that one of the ways of preventing foot pain is:

Look for a well-cushioned, roomy pair of shoes with good orthotic support that are comfortable enough to wear all day".

As he says, comfortable and well cushioned shoes can make the difference. That's why we know that this particular model of Skechers could be a great option for women seeking for the best shoes for standing all day.


  • Shock-absorving for a whole day comfort.
  • Good value for price.
  • Great protection and support.
  • Lightweight and easy to move around in.
  • Provide long-term benefits for your health.


  • Somehow sturdy.
  • Not the greatest design.
  • A little small on the side.

3. Timberland Women's 6" Premium Boot

Timberland Women's 6'' Premium Boot

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

Can we just marvel at the beauty of these boots for two seconds before I dive into the fact that they’re also amazing for work? Just take a second. Or a screenshot, whichever you like. These boots from Timberland are not only beautiful, they’re also practical. They’re made 100% of leather, with a synthetic-rubber sole, and they’re so comfortable it’s unreal.

These boots come in different colors and even some other details vary; so it doesn't get boring at all. Something else that adds points to these shoes is the fact that its laces are made with 100% recycled nylon  (and we all love an eco-friendly product). Moreover, they keep your feet at the right temperature with 400 grams of PrimaLoft insulation.

It is important to take into consideration that the wrong shoes could cause ankle pain. As Dr. Sarah James and Dr. Brandon James, both professional podiatrists in New Braunfels, said:

You should try to prevent ankle fractures by using night lights and removing things you can trip on around the house. Always wear supportive shoes".

So it could all go down to what you prefer and expect from this pair of boots - but the reality is that some will think they're great for standing all day and some others won't.

I think we’ve learnt by now that I like shoes that look nice, so that’s pretty high up on my list of ‘pros’ right now! Work-wise, however, the best thing about these boots is that they’re just so great for being on your feet. They’re comfy, they offer enough bulk to keep your feet protected from the hardship of being on your feet all day and they look cute. Sorry, not sorry.

These are suitable for pretty much every job! They cover your whole foot, so can be worn in hospitals, and are plain enough to be worn in any retail or hospitality job. The leather used to make these babies is also waterproof, so you can wear them in the kitchen or for any outdoor work if you need to.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Good balance between practicality and looks.
  • Ankle area padded.
  • Good for preventing pain issues.
  • Durability
  • Waterproof and rust-proof. 


  • A more expensive option.
  • They may not fit to everyone.

4. Skechers for Work Women's Maisto Slip-On

Skechers For Work Women's Maisto Slip Resistant Slip On

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

Another pair from Skechers, these slip-ons are a great option for anyone working in hospitality and retail. They’re all-black, so appropriate for all workplaces and are very reasonably priced. These are lovely little slip-on shoes, made from leather with a synthetic sole, featuring memory foam technology (I’ll come back to this because it’s more important than you could ever imagine). 

This is where the memory foam bit comes in. Remember the memory foam mattresses that everyone went crazy for a few years back? Imagine that, but for your feet. Yes, tiny little foot-mattresses exist and they are an absolute God-send. The memory foam cushions your feet and keeps them comfy all day, however much pacing up and down you do. These shoes also have rubber toe-tips, which absorb any kind of shock if you walk into something or trip – no more stubbed toes!

These shoes are suitable for pretty much any workplace. This Skecher model of shoes are all-black, with no major logo visible on them. These are great for hospital workers as they have a rubber sole that prevents slipping, so you can move as quickly as necessary. They’re also suitable for hospitality and retail workers thanks to that memory foam cushioning, meaning you can stay on your feet all day without the usual aches and pains.

Another opinion from Reddit is more optimistic about memory foam shoes, specifically about Skechers.

They have built in soles and memory foam. I’m a cashier and they’ve helped me a lot while standing".


  • Rubber tip helps reduce pain.
  • Suela de espuma de memoria añade comodidad.
  • Lightweight for easy movement.
  • Reasonable price.


  • It may take some time to get used to them.
  • They wear out relatively fast.

5. Skechers for Work Women's Compulsions Indulgent Shoe

Skechers For Work Women's 76510 Compulsions Indulgent Work Shoe

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

Skechers, again. They know what we look for in work shoes and they just keep.on.delivering. These are trainers, or running shoes, that have been designed for the workplace. They’re made using a mix of real leather and synthetic material, with a rubber sole and a slight heel to them.

Surprisingly, the heel on trainers can make a big difference to how your feet feel by the end of a long day at work. You don’t want anything major, but a little lift can really improve your standing posture and prevent the usual joint and backache that comes with standing all day. These are probably the best shoes for standing all day if you already have back issues.

If you work in hospitality or retail, these are a fantastic option for you. They’re designed to be worn for long periods of time, so will keep your feet comfortable during long shifts. These are also slip-resistant, so are perfect for working behind the bar or in a kitchen where things always seem to end up wet and slippery.

As they're completely black, they can be used with different uniforms and will look modest enough. They are super comfortable and durable. Moreover, they have a reasonable price.


  • Built-in panels for breathability.
  • Great value for price.
  • Real durability. 
  • Incredibly comfortable.


  • Not the most stylish design.

6. KEEN Utility Women's Flint Low Work Shoe

KEEN Utility Women's Flint Low Work Shoe

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

Keen aren’t a brand I was familiar with previously, and I have no idea why. They design really great work shoes, and these ones are no exception.  These are best described as some kind of walking shoe/ trainer hybrid and I love them.

They’re not the most beautiful things I’ve ever laid eyes on (you would have thought that by this point in the review list, I would have accepted this by now) but they are so comfy and so practical that I just had to include them.

These are made of totally waterproof leather – the dream! The leather gives you lots of flexibility as well as stability, and the waterproof element comes in handy for anyone working in a bar, restaurant, hospital or manual labor job.

They also have a rubber sole and left and right asymmetrical steel toes - which is a huge point in favor.  Among other features, they include Torsional Stability Shank (TSS) for midfoot support and greater comfort, Cleansport NXT(TM) for avoiding unpleasant odor, and a removable metatomical dual density EVA footbed that makes them more practical.

Although most of the customers leave positive reviews, some highlight the small issues they find. There are shoes for everyone, and nobody should settle for a pair of shoes that don't fit. Better put in words by Dr. Pedram A. Hendizadeh, an excellent professional from New York:

Everyone's feet are different, and there is a shoe out there that is made for your foot. Take your time and try on multiple different brands and styles until you find the most comfortable shoe for your foot".

These are great for pretty much any workplace. They’re comfy, practical and waterproof. They do feature some color, so double check before you buy them, but they’re pretty neutral and easy-going.


  • The toe boxes are spacious enough.
  • Protective layering at the toe end. 
  • Practical work shoe.
  • Waterproof.
  • Available in two different colors.


  • Higher price than other options.
  • Not a good fit for everyone.

7. Crocs Women's Mercy Work Clog

Crocs Women's Mercy Work Clog

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

Crocs aren’t just for camping, they can be great for work, too. These slip-ons are a comfy take on more traditional clogs. They’re made of a rubbery, synthetic material with a spongy, squishy sole. As always with Crocs, the outer sole is made with a non-slip tread.

The non-slip tread on these Crocs is great for anyone who is on their feet all day as it keeps you from slipping or tripping while working. These also have a strap across the heel which keeps them nice and secure to your foot. The wide design lets your feet move easily and allows air to circulate and keep you cool while you work.

If you work in a kitchen, these might just be the perfect pair of shoes for you! I’d suggest going up a size so that you can wear thick, protective socks so that the whole of your feet are covered and protected. These might not be such a great option for front of house or retail work, however, as most customers don’t really like seeing feet.

Most of the customers find them really comfortable. One of them is Naila Naqash, who thinks Crocs:

Are way more comfortable than any other footwear because basically they ease our movements and helps to keep our feet ventilated so that you may go through your busy schedule without any hassle. Moreover they are easy to clean, waterpfoof and also durable".

As for the care measures, in the official Crocs' website they point out:

To keep your Crocs in good condition, you will want to avoid leaving them where they will be exposed to heat or sun, such as a dish washer, washing machine, or hot car, as this can cause the shoes to shrink or warp".

So no, they're not invincible, but they are pretty great shoes that are easy to take care of and that can be really comfy - and they offer a good value for price too!


  • Simple, modest shoes.
  • Easy to slip on.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Suitable por different activities.


  • They don't cover the whole foot.
  • Your feet can get too warm.

8. Skechers for Work Men's Felton Shoe

Skechers For Work Men's Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed Fit Work Shoe

Our Rating

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

These shoes are a cross between normal shoes and running shoes and they’re so comfy for it. They’re made of a synthetic material with a rubber sole for maximum comfort and fit so well. There’s a memory foam sole, too, to make sure your feet are cushioned and kept safe all day.

Skechers are great at adding details – like the padded collar and tongue on these shoes. Some shoes can rub in those areas, but these are designed to be easy on your feet and super comfy. They also have slip-resistant and oil resistant soles so are great for wearing in most workplaces without having to worry about slips and trips.

This particular model comes in both black and white so they're suitable for different situations. The heel and the platform are pretty high too, measuring 1.25" and 1.0" respectively. Moreover, their price is great considering the good quality and features they offer.

These shoes are plain enough to be worn in hospitality and retail jobs, and are practical enough to be worn in hospitals and kitchens. They’re all-black with no major visible logo, so are totally inoffensive for any workplace. These are the best shoes for standing all day for men.


  • Very comfortable shoes.
  • Memory foam sole for better fitting.
  • Slip-resistant and oil resistant soles.
  • Available both in black and white.


  • Some customers find them too stiff.
  • They may take a little while to wear in.

9. Skechers for Work Men's Cottonwood Elks Shoe

Skechers For Work Men's Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant Shoe

Our Rating

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

Skechers are just the masters of work shoes and I can’t not include them in these reviews. Albeit over and over again. These slip-on shoes are made of leather and have plenty of flexibility to them.

They have a slight heel to them, which you’ll really come to appreciate, and lace up so you can make them fit to your feet as tightly or loosely as you want. For me, these shoes are super practical for a lot of reasons. One of them is their memory foam which can be really useful for better fitting.

My favorite feature? The sole protects you from any kind of electrical hazard! I know, sounds a bit strange but the material helps in any environment where you could be exposed to some kind of electrical troubles. I know that’s not something that most people need to consider when buying work shoes, but it’s a unique feature that deserves a mention. Can’t be a bad thing, really!

They may not be the cheapest shoes of Skechers, but as Dr. Nicole G. Freels states:

You’ll spend a good majority of your life in shoes and in bed. The smart money is on purchasing products that are actually good for you".

This is really important since you actually put your feet health in jeopardy if you do not choose a good pair of shoes. These shoes are, however, a good option to keep your step nice and firm.

These are great for hospitality and retail workers as they’re nice and neutral and will go with any outfit you need or have to wear to work. If you work in a hospital, these are also a pretty good option for you, thanks to the slip-resistant soles. These allow you to run around as needed at work without worrying about taking a corner too quickly!


  • Memory sole for additional comfort.
  • You can lace them up.
  • Reasonably-priced for what you’re getting.
  • Suitable for work and different situations.


  • They are a bit voluminous.
  • It may take a little while for you to get used to them.

10. Kingshow Men's Water Resistant Work Boots

KINGSHOW Men's 1551 Water Resistance Rubber Sole Work Boots

Our Rating

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

I figured it was about time to feature some boots! These Kingshow boots are ideal for pretty much any workplace, and they’re so reasonably-priced that I just had to include them. They’re made from a leather/synthetic mix and have a rubber outside sole – perfect for cushioning your feet if you’re standing all day and protecting you from a whole variety of terrains.

It is made of water-resistant material, so they’re ideal for pretty much any environment, work or otherwise. The interior of these boots is just as well thought-out as the exterior. The material on the inside is so soft and very lightweight to wear, and really moulds nicely around your feet. If you work in a kitchen, these are a great choice as the sole grips well to any surface.

Equally, if you work outdoors, these are designed to insulate your feet so are great for any days that run late into the evening or if you work during the colder months. If you work outdoors, these are the best shoes for standing all day for men.  These are definitely worth considering if you work in a kitchen, hospital or outdoor setting.

Juan Alvarez, a user from Quora who states that he worked in construction for many years, mentions that for him it is important that work boots are durable, safe and comfortable. He also says that considering all of these criteria, Kingshow is one of his favorite brands!

These boots have great grip, are waterproof and keep your feet comfortable during long periods of standing or walking. If you work in hospitality or retail, I’d suggest steering clear, however, as your feet may overheat! Ideally, these are made for anyone who works outdoors, in construction or in slippy areas such as kitchens.


  • Really well designed soles.
  • Slight heel to absorb shock and protect your joints and back.
  • Good value for money.
  • Suitable for work and walking outside.


  • They wear out fast.
  • They don't have a steel toe which is important in work boots.

11. Dr. Scholl's Men's Intrepid Work Shoe

Dr.-Scholl's Men's Intrepid Work Shoe

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

Dr Scholl is a fantastic brand for anyone with any foot problems, as well as those who spend long periods of time standing or walking. These flat shoes from Dr Scholl are made from a synthetic material that is really lovely and soft, and feature laces so that you can adjust the fit throughout the day.

They feature memory foam soles, along with a non-marking outsole so will stay looking professional for long periods of time. These are described as ‘intrepid work shoes’ and they really are designed for the elements. They’re built to keep your feet comfortable and protected for long periods of time.

The memory sole technology cushions your feet and prevents your body from absorbing the shock as you walk and stand. The rubber outer sole is also a great way of stopping the joint and back problems that can come with this kind of work.

Insoles can be very beneficial to your feet health. The Doctors from South West Podiatry, foot specialists in the United Kingdom, state that insoles may:

Reduce the degree of stress that the foot is under during walking or to offload painful areas in your feet".

This is great because your own shoes could be able to help you heal the pain caused by previously wearing the wrong shoes.

They have some other cool features that make them stand out from the rest, like the fact that they're oil and slip-resistant, making them suitable for working on kitchens where the floor tends to be wet and dirty. They also have a moisture-wicking lining, vented sock for breathability and Aegis Microbe Shield to control odor - so your feet can stay fresh, healthy and feeling clean.

Tell me, what can be better than staying safe and comfortable? I'll wait.

These are suitable for most jobs out there that involve standing or walking for long periods of time. They’re plain, so can be worn for hospitality as well as retail work. If you’re a hospital worker, there are better options out there but these will still suffice if you’re really set on them!


  • Designed for breathability.
  • They control and minimize unpleasant odors.
  • Memory insole for greater comfort
  • Slip-resistant.


  • They wear out fast.
  • Not the best for anyone who works in a hospital.

12. Skechers USA Men's Alley Cat Utility Shoe

Skechers USA Men's Alley Cat Utility Shoe

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

These may look a little bulky, but bear with me – they’re wonderful. These are a kind of shoe/boot mix and they’re so great for pretty much every job. They’re made from rubber, with a rubber sole, and they’re super sturdy while also offering flexibility.

These shoes come both in black and brown, so they're suitable for different outfits. They also feature a cushioned footbed that will make you feel more comfortable.

The design of this shoe is just so great – they take the best parts of work boots and incorporate them into something comfy and easy to wear. The laces mean that you can adjust the fit of these shoes throughout the day, and the sturdy build protects your feet at all times.

With their ups and downs, these are great for pretty much any work – they’re plain enough to be worn for retail and hospital work, and the work boot design makes them suitable for kitchen and hospital work, too.


  • All about comfort.
  • Tough and strong.
  • Laces included.
  • Surprisingly lightweight.


  • They may wear out relatively fast.

13. Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss 6" Steel-Toe Boot

Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss 6'' Steel-Toe Boot

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

How could I include Timberland’s for women without including them for men? These boots from Timberland are pretty great and I love them almost as much as I love the ones for women. This model of boots are lace-up, which I really like, and are designed to wick moisture and stay comfy all day.

This model of boots is safe and tough, yet very comfortable thanks to their Comfort Suspension technology that helps reduce feet fatigue and supports the arch. They also meet the ANSI safety standards, so you really won't have to worry about anything at all.

These little boots are made from leather and have a supportive, rubber sole to protect your feet from any shocks or damage from walking on even terrain. These are some of the comfiest boots, let alone work boots, that you can currently find on the market.

We also need to talk about the great quality that Timberland delivers. Jennifer Brand is a very satisfied user who takes care of her own pair (that she got in 1990) cautiously. However, she still states:

I wish I could claim their longevity is down to my careful and dedicated maintenance of them, but it’s not. It’s down to their good construction".

Timberlands are great for pretty much any job. They’re great for retail and hospitality, as they look professional and practical. If you work in a hospital or kitchen, these are also a good choice for you as they’re slip- and oil- resistant.


  • Super stylish boots.
  • Some of the most durable shoes out there.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Protective and safe.


  • These boots can be too hard.

14. iLoveSIA Men's Casual Sport Sneakers

iLoveSIA Men's Sport Casual Walking Running Lace Up Sneakers Shoe

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

I have never heard of this brand before, but these shoes come highly recommended so I thought it was worth including them! These running shoes are made from a lightweight material that hugs your feet and keeps them comfortable throughout the day. The mesh panels along the shoes allow your feet to breathe, which you’ll be very happy about during those long shifts.

One amazing thing about them is that they come in seven different colors! So no excuses, you'll definitely find the right option for you. It comes with a thick midsole which comes practical because it absorbs high impact on each step. Moreover, the rugged rubber outsole is durable and ideal for a variety of terrains.

My favorite thing about these shoes is that they’re so breathable! The mesh panels really do help to keep the air circulating around your feet, which feels so great during long shifts. The material is so easy to wear and doesn’t cling too much, and yet provides support and constant protection. Customers' reviews are also very positive. People just love them!

These shoes are great for retail workers especially! I wouldn’t recommend them for kitchen or hospital workers as much, as there are much better options for you, but they’re still suitable if you’re really set on them. If you work in a shop, go for it – these are among the absolute best shoes for standing all day for men.


  • Great features for breathability.
  • Very comfortable.
  • The BEST value for the price.
  • They come in different colors.


  • They're not suitable for all of the work environments.

15. Fila Men's Memory Workshift

Fila Men's Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

Another brand that isn’t one I’d normally turn to, but these are such a great pair of shoes that I wanted to include them anyway. So many of us tend to stick to brands we know, often paying a lot more than we necessarily need to, when there are so many great, cheaper options out there!

These running shoes are made from a mix of leather, a synthetic material and mesh inserts. The sole is designed to be slip-resistant, and is made from rubber so acts as a shock-absorber. They’re very plain and basic (and they come in both black and white), so can be worn in pretty much any work place without anyone complaining.

As shoes go, the design is very simple and there’s nothing too outstanding about them, but they’re just good all-rounders when it comes to running shoes. This list of reviews is all about shoes that go above and beyond, but it’s also important to remember that ‘normal’ shoes that still look after your feet are well worth considering.

Another great thing about them is their memory foam sockliner and midsole. This feature helps your feet stay comfy and painless. It also has perforations that allow breathability, so you won't have to worry about sweaty feet. However, memory foam has both its pros and its cons. As the Doctors from Indiana Podiatry Group state:

​Memory foam is soft and easily deforms. This allows the foot motion to be increased in the shoe due to the lack of stability".

But it may all come down to how well they fit you and how much/ long you wear them.

As I said, these aren’t the most amazing trainers in the world, but they’re comfortable and built for anyone active, be that in sports or work. I’d recommend these for retail workers and anyone who works as a front of house member of staff in hospitality. If you work in a hospital, consider one of the other options on this list to get the best possible shoe style for you.


  • Great features for breathability.
  • Slip-resistant.
  • Good value for the price.
  • Build to last.


  • Not the best option for all types of jobs.
  • The insole can wear out relatively fast.

16. Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Mcallen Slip On

Skechers For Work Men's Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success

Another pair from Skechers, and still no apologies from me. These slip-on shoes are designed for workers who spend large amounts of their time on their feet. The synthetic soles are made to grip pretty much any surface, so these can be worn by most people in most workplaces. They have two different features for extra comfort: padded collars and memory foam insoles.

These are so easy to wear, it’s hard to imagine that they’re made for work! They feature elastic tabs at each side of the shoe to help keep them nice and snug on your feet, without being too tight. This means that you can pull them on easily, but don’t have to worry about them slipping off when you get busy. It’s all in the name, people.

I’d recommend these to anyone who works in retail or hospitality. If you work in a kitchen, these are a comfy option but aren’t the most practical shoe available. Even though there are other great options for the restaurant industry, these don't sound bad at all!


  • Elastic tabs that make them easy to pull on.
  • Padded support for the ankle.
  • Good value for the price.
  • Mesh panels for breathability.


  • Not waterproof.
  • They can wear out relatively fast.

Best Shoe Brands For Standing On Your Feet



We all know and love Nike for a reason, even if we can’t agree on how to pronounce the name.

Nike are one of the ultimate brands out there when it comes to trainers. They make stylish, super comfy and supportive shoes for everyone.

Whether you’re wearing them to work-out or just work, Nike shoes will look after your feet and keep you going. This is a mid-range, high-street brand and offers great value products for reasonable prices.

If you prefer ‘fashion’ shoes, Nike has you covered, don’t worry. Trainers are no longer those big, bulky white things your dad used to take on holiday ‘just in case’ he was suddenly inspired to start running (or is that just my family?).

Nike create fashionable shoes with built-in protection so you can feel confident in what you’re wearing, as well as comfortable – both short and long-term.



Yes, really. I know that Crocs had a bit of a dodgy reputation (I also know that I own a bright orange pair, complete with plenty of those little stud things you can accessorize them with.

However, they genuinely care about the quality of their shoes and they make excellent products for work.

Crocs started off as waterproof, super comfy shoes that were mainly favored by middle-aged couples who go on RV trips – you’ll know who I mean, they’re probably called ‘Ted’ and ‘Barbara’ and like talking about which superstore sells that really nice wine they had in Spain a few years ago – but they’ve branched out and now have a whole range of footwear.

They offer a lot of work-appropriate shoes that are built to keep your feet safe and comfortable for long periods of time, and they’re very reasonably priced. Look no further for the best shoes for standing all day if you’re on a budget.

New Balance


About 80% of my trainer collection comes from New Balance, so I hope you’re ready to see their name crop up several times.

I love this brand so much – their shoes are stylish, comfortable and genuinely support your feet.

They’ve really honed in on the need for practical yet fashionable trainers – and not just so you look good while you work out/ sit on your couch in your workout gear and binge on Netflix instead. They’ve created several ranges of shoes that are perfect for pretty much any workplace – plain, neutral-colored shoes that you can wear for long periods of time, and offer long-term support.



Timberland boots have long been the stuff of dreams and I’ve owned so many knock-off versions over the years that it’s hard to keep count.

Splashing out on the real things is one of the best choices you can make in life, trust me. Timberland have built up a great reputation for themselves, and it’s easy to see how. They have a lot of different footwear options, and nearly all of them are suitable for the workplace.

Their classic boots are great for wearing for long periods of time – they’re lace-up so offer strong ankle support along with a solid sole. They’ve also created comfy slip-on shoes that really look after your feet.



Just a little warning that Skechers are going to feature pretty heavily in my top ten lists! They just make such great work shoes. The Skechers I remember wearing for school are a far cry from what they’re churning out these days.

When it comes to the little things, Skechers really know what we need. They add great little details that most companies don’t seem to consider, or don’t bother acting on. If you’re not converted by the end of this article, I’m clearly not doing a good enough job.


Sadly, we’ve come to the end of our time together. For now, at least. This article has covered the basics when it comes to buying work shoes, as well as offering up reviews of the best shoes for standing all day for women and men.

I’ve done my best to cover all of the aspects of shoe-buying that I can imagine, so hopefully you’ve found this helpful and can make an informed decision. Remember that good shoes are not just about spending a lot of money on something from a well-known brand!

Whichever pair you choose to go for, whether it’s featured within this article or not, make sure you end up comfortable, supported and protected from pain. Kinda like choosing a life partner, really.

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