The Best Trainers For Netball: Be Fast And Nimble Around The Court

Netball is a game that most people will play at some point in their school life. Some take it on professionally, some finish after school and others continue for the love of it.

Whatever stage you’re at with netball, it’s important to know what you should have your feet in. You’ll be running around, jumping, standing, bending your knees and trying to defend the ball. All of this needs support.

It’s a specific support you need on your feet, that's where I come in, finding the best trainers for netball. These trainers have been voted in the top 5 by the pro feet podiatrist website as well as being highly rated on Amazon.


What To Look For In Trainers For Netball?

The main thing is comfort. There’s nothing worse than running around a court with your feet covered in blisters and are sore. So, with comfort out of the way, what else do you need?

Support, you arch needs to be supported when you walk, run and jump. The simplicity of the trainer is something I look to, I’m not looking for a crazy overcomplicated product. All I want is a trainer that supports my arch, is comfortable to wear and comes from a trustworthy brand.

Best Trainers for Netball Reviewed

ASICS Women's GEL-Flashpoint Trainers

ASICS Women's GEL-Flashpoint Trainers

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 Chance of Success

Asics Gel Flashpoint Trainers are the best trainers for netball from our research. They were made for games like netball and volleyball so perfect for the activity you’ll be doing. ASICS is a brand you can trust when it comes to sport, all of their trainers are catered towards sports not just fitness.

When it comes to foot support, it's nice to have something that looks nice but also the main thing you need is trainers that can support your ankles and feet. The flashpoint specifically has rearfoot and forefoot gel to soften hard landings, also to keep the balls and heels of your feet cushioned.

The midsole has a feather-light support and the rubber outsole is flexible and good for hard floors as well as soft. They have a simple black pair as well as two bright colourful pairs of trainers on the website. So whatever your style is, I believe that there’s something for everyone.

Pros and Cons

I believe the bad news should always come first so the cons for these trainers are that 87% of the feedback on these say they’re true to size, so that means that 13% of the feedback said that these can be on the big side.

This is something that you could take into consideration when buying these. If your normal shoe size is on the smaller size then possibly think about going down a half size or more? The other negative feedback is that a small percentage say that they’re not as great for outdoor use, like hiking or running on rough floors.

The positive about these trainers is that they support your ankle, a lot of customers have said that they could walk around for hours in these without their ankle giving way or the soles of their feet hurting.

With the top of the trainer being made out of synthetic and mesh, they have been said to be quite breathable which is a positive thing to have when you’re playing a sport. With 4 1/2 Stars and over 500 positive reviews, I think that speaks for itself.


Sports should be fun, netball is about being part of the team and playing the best that you can play. All of that should be your focus, the goal is for your feet to be taken care of and not to worry about anything else other than the game.

That’s the goal, that’s what the focus is, and that’s why I believe from the research is that these win in the search for the best trainers for netball. Protection Status