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Best Shoes For Disney World: Walk In Style

best shoes for disney

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, you probably have a lot on your mind—hotel and dining reservations, suitcases, driving routes, etc.—but one of the most important things to think about is the body part that will get you around once you get there: your feet. Shoes that are smart, comfortable & super-cute are needed […]

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10 Best Boat Shoes in 2018: Compared, Rated & Reviewed

best boat shoes

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start looking for the best boat shoes you can find. They aren’t just appropriate to wear for any occasion but also quite comfortable.They’re versatile, stylish and a timeless option. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and found the ten best boat shoes for you to choose from. […]

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Best Snowshoes Reviewed For Running & Hiking In Backcountry

best snowshoes

What is snowshoeing?Snowshoeing is a recreational activity that involves walking, running, or climbing through snow conditions that would otherwise make the path difficult to traverse. A snowshoe is a special apparatus that goes on over one’s normal winter shoe to allow snow walking without sinking in or slipping on deep and/or slippery snow covering.Snowshoes allow one […]

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5 Best Parkour Shoes In 2018: Reviewed, Rated & Compared

parkour shoes

Instance 1 Best For Pros Vibram KSO EVO Grip on toe tips Very flexible Very durable Check Latest Price Best Sneakers adidas Performance Energy Boost Protective Durable Breathable Check Latest Price Best For Trails Merrell Trail Glove 4  One-piece sole Flexible Superior fit Check Latest Price Parkour can be a lot of fun and it’s […]

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10 Best Shoes For Walking On Ice: Reviews & Comparisons

best shoes for walking on ice

One of the easiest ways to hurt yourself is to walk on ice. It’s unforgiving and slick, plus most people aren’t prepared for it. If you don’t hurt yourself from a fall, you still face some embarrassment. Thankfully, we have the equipment you need to get through this treacherous terrain without getting hurt. Read through our […]

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10 Best Barefoot Running Shoes: Reviews, Ratings & Comparisons

best barefoot shoes

Has it ever occurred to you how recent the wearing of shoes actually is in terms of the countless millennia of human evolution? A tiny fraction, right?Now take that thought further by considering the ever-growing list of foot and limb problems we shoe-wearing primates suffer from in the 21st century. Could there perhaps be a […]

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15 Best Winter Boots For Women, Men, Girls & Boys

Winter boots

Winter boots are an absolute essential for anyone heading out and braving the cold weather. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking to college through heaps of snow or heading up a mountain to do a spot of weekend hiking, good quality winter boots are a staple of any wardrobe. Quick Navigation Types of Winter BootsDo you […]

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16 Best Hiking Shoes For Men, Women & Kids: Reviewed & Rated

best hiking shoes

When you’re looking to head out into the great outdoors, you’ll want to know that you have the best hiking shoes available.The right pair allows you to do more trekking, climbing and exploring while the wrong pair just leads to pain and discomfort. Don’t skimp on your next pair; read our complete reviews of the […]

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