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10 Best Camp Shoes Reviewed, Rated & Compared

best camp shoes

If you’re a hiker or backpacker, you’ll know how important a good pair of camping shoes are. We’ve reviewed our favorites to make your decision easy. These shoes will keep you safe, and dry in nature as well as allow for all the activities that campers enjoy.When you decide to head out into the wilderness […]

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10 Best Hiking Sandals For Men & Women: Reviews & Ratings


Picture yourself on a hilltop, surveying the spectacular scenery that’s your just reward for your sweat and toil on the seemingly never-ending upward trail… You’ve been wise enough to choose lightweight, breathable clothing, so you’re pretty cool and dry in spite of your hard work but, oh, those feet! Chances are they’re safely encased in […]

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10 Best Trail Running Shoes for Men & Women: Tested & Rated

best trail running shoes

Having the right kind of shoes when it comes to running is always important, and trail running is no exception. Your road running shoes just won’t cut it when it comes to running over trails and mountains, so it’s important to invest in some decent trainers.We’ll be going through the different types of trail running […]

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Ice Grips For Shoes: Reviewed, Rated & Compared

ice grips for shoes

If you reside in an area that gets ice, then you know what a pain trying to walk can be. You can’t just stay indoors every time it snows, which is why you need the best ice grips for shoes.With the most durable, compact and lightweight options out there, you’ll have the protection you need […]

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6 Best Hiking Boots For Flat Feet: Reviews & Ratings

best hiking boots for flat feet

You’ve looked out your window and it’s a glorious day. There’s only one thing for it, it’s time for a hike. You’ve got your gear ready, your supplies packed, you’re ready to take on the world. But there, lying dusty in the corner, are your hiking boots.Flashbacks of the pain they caused your feet on […]

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